beach lounge

in 2016, bathers beach house beach lounge area became australia's first licensed beach.  visitors can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink with your feet in the beautiful white sand of bathers beach, which is just a few hundred meters walk from the central cbd area of fremantle.

today, visitors may enjoy relaxing on a reclining beach lounge or at one of our newer beach tables.  both can be booked online or you can try your luck for availability when you walk in.

Beach Lounges

lounge chairs

our lounge chairs are bookable in pairs connected by a small table.  we take a day time booking and a sunset booking for each lounge. 

day bookings
bookable from  11am until 4pm, must at vacated by 5.00pm
evening bookings
bookable from  5.30pm until 7.30pm
Beach Tables

beach tables

our beach tables are recommended to seat up to six people and have a minimum booking requirement of three people.  bookings on the beach tables are allocated for three hours.

day bookings
bookable from 11am - 3pm, must be vacated by 5.00pm
evening bookings
bookable from 5.30pm until 7.30pm